Home Donations

One of my favorite things to do is travel.  My favorite places are all in Asia.  I love the country because of their culture, their food but mostly because of their people and their demeanors.  I was introduced to Asia from my cousin Adam who has lived in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and Australia.  Each time he moves I make it a point to visit!


My first trip to Cambodia was in 2016.  A trip with my mother, aunt, uncle and Adam solidified that I wanted to see what I could do to help these people living in such poor conditions but so gracious and so happy to share everything they had with you.  


Fast forward to 2020, I realized with the success I was having in business and a real estate coach asking me “What do you stand for?” was when I realized how I can give back.  Our brokerage- Compass is BIG into giving back to the community - donating portions of every sale back into the communities where they came from.  This got my wheels spinning on how I could help in an area that was near and dear to my heart- (Homes, People, Asia, Family and Real Estate).


I am working with a foundation that takes both volunteers and donations to build homes for those less fortunate in Cambodia. Poor education, lack of skills and a shortage of job opportunities mean many rural Cambodians are still living in extreme poverty with inadequate shelter.  Volunteer Building Cambodia (VBC) is a not-for-profit organization out of Siem Reap, Cambodia that builds homes, toilets, wells and solar for families in need.  People like myself, from all around the globe are helping to improve the conditions of Cambodian families in need by providing safe, dry housing, building and repairing homes, wells and toilet facilities.


The team works to provide sturdy Khmer-style wooden houses to replace the fragile structures that offer little protection from the elements-improving living conditions and changing lives, through better sanitation, increased security, better sleeping arrangements and healthier living.  Children in secure homes are less likely to get sick and more likely to attend school.


Siem Reap, in Cambodia’s north has many natural and historic gems worth visiting.  The city is 7km from World Heritage listed Angkor Wat and the Angkor temple complex. 


So, here is my cause- Selling homes to provide homes in Cambodia. 2% of the income in my Real Estate Sales goes towards building homes, toilets, solar and or wells for those in need in the Cambodian community.  If you could only meet these people and see the conditions they live in- you’d see why this is a big deal to me.